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Yahoo! Mail vs Gmail

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Yahoo has gone through some tough times with data breaches and just in general lackluster performance across the board.Yahoo has introduced a new theme and layout for its mail users, lets see how they stack up against the almighty gmail.

Check out today’s Tech news headlines at

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  • I use both.

  • I had a very different experience using my iPhone to send an email with my resume attached. I found that I actually had to go back and use my old yahoo email to send my resume? I could not access anything that was not related to google, no Dropbox, no “iPhone files, “or “pages.” Is there a way to get family to do what yahoo was able to provide?

  • Is yahoo considered professional in the business world?

  • ProtonMail is an end-to-end encrypted email service

  • So which is safer ?

    I have Both…
    But uncomfortable to Google as they track me down for ads.

    Still believe Yahoo and use it only for Important purposes.

    Is Yahoo mail safer than Gmail ?

  • I use gmail now but if i set up a yahoo mail will i have problems with my email address not being recognized ? All gov address give me a hard time. Email or password not correct !

  • I switched from yahoo mail to gmail because yahoo kept closing my email page it would close before i was finished with my emails and after the last time it happened i got rid of yahoomail

  • Yahoo is better.

  • I have a problem logging back to Yahoo

  • Gmail is better.

  • Gmail better it's ways possible to get in your account but with Yahoo it's so damn hard

  • Most people is looking for the Delete Option to make 300 Emails disappear with one click.

  • Is gmail or yahoo mail more popular these days?

  • Yahoo literally does not have any support unless you pay $5. Yeah $5 is not alot, but what in the actual fuck are they asking money for support.

  • Yahoo is best hot top!!!

  • Google=too much power=no good, thats why i'm leaving.

  • Can yahoo and gmail be opened together with the same number?

  • r gr g

    Author Reply

    Do not listen to the others. This is a good, honest comparison video. Yesterday I opened my yahoo mail and the layout seemed strange. Without my permission yahoo had converted my email to their new format. I did not ask for it and did not want it. I found how to revert to the classic mail, but much to my surprise I found that many of the functions were missing. The SPAM button was no longer a choice (you have to go to a pull down menu to spam and email, making it a three step rather than one step process). When replying to an email the ability to modify fonts was removed. Also when sending emails to multiple people, the addresses did not appear when the first letter was typed, instead, the entire contact list showed up. The color themes were annoying.

    So, since most yahoo email users like me were satisfied with the basic email program and refused to change, yahoo in desperation decided to strip the classic email program of useful features to annoy you into going to the new email (where the desired features reappear, like font editing and spam button). I only stay with yahoo because I have been using the same email address since the old PRODIGY days. Then yahoo bought out PRODIGY and then ATT bought yahoo.

    I like the gmail better, however, and am ready to make it the preferred email account on a moment's notice.

  • Google=gmail. Gmail is on larger platform + easier to organize inbox. Yahoo is outdated,remember his friend hotmail?

  • Yahoo is better

  • Yahoo is better 😎

  • Fuck google . Yahoo is the best except video upload system like youtube

  • i have gmail

  • Yahoo mail has one feature that Gmail doesn't come CLOSE to. One TERABYTE of free storage (Gmail has 15gb).

  • With gmail I can log in to youtube, my android device, gplay, and some apps in android, some apps in windows. I have both but I always open my gmail almost everyday.

  • Odd, poorly structured video

  • y mail that i have been perfecly happy with since about 1997 have just ben updated this meens that all in inbag before yesterday is gone i can not delete stupid mails i can t empty the spambox IT IS FUCKING SHIT How menny pepole use all those funny features like changing collor etc. i just warnt to send and resive mails. if i need files to be saved i do it in my libiry.

  • Gmail is better

  • Since yahoo now shares are stuff out of are mail…I now prefer gmail better for privacy options

  • What you have failed to mention that Gmail gives you 15 GB for free and Yahoo gives 1 TB but the problem with yahoo is the size is limited to 25 MB which they are are saying "Large attachment support coming soon".

  • Yahoo Mail sucks and blows at the same time. Constantly glitchy. Disappears all the time. Dinosaur. The feminazis who run Yahoo couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the platform. They’re too busy pushing their anti-Trump identity politics. Die, already.

  • Bonjour !!! ..

  • Thank yahoo so much for the wonderful service


  • I've used yahoo mail for many years and have no complaints. but after updating Ubuntu to 16.04 which come with Firefox 60.0 I can no longer sign into Yahoo mail, but no problem with outlook or G mail, so I'm changing to G mail.

  • J W.J W.

    Author Reply

    Yahoo is now owned by Verizon and their new term of service includes the following: "Analyzing content and information (including emails, instant messages, posts, photos, attachments, and other communications) when you use our services. This allows us to deliver, personalize and develop relevant features, content, advertising and services.
    Linking your activity on third-party sites and apps with information we have about you.
    Providing anonymized and aggregated reports to other parties regarding user trends.
    So if you have a Yahoo email account I'd switch. I luv Yahoo Mail because I've never lost any emails from them and I have folders that go to the beginning of sign up.
    Unfortunately for Google I have had emails and whole archives folders that just disappear on me. Yahoo was great, but Google sucks at archiving emails. So they both suck.

  • Gmail may be for personal use. Yahoo is much more for business with an excellent email search engine. Yahoo offers a non ad add on for firefox, in other words premium service, if you use their search box.

  • Thanks so much for the video! It was very helpful. I've used Yahoo for years but have been thinking of creating a new email, to get rid of all the random spam that I get after a decade or so. Your video has definitely helped me decide! 😄

  • Helpful and informative video.

  • Chad.Chad.

    Author Reply

    I prefer Yahoo Mail

  • How to yahoo mail forward to gmail by new version?