Top 42 Java Games on Android │ Play Java Games On Android 2019

This is the top 42 Java Games on Android 2019, this list is randomly selected and partly based on my own personal opinion, this video is intended for reference purposes only (Nostalgia) for those who need it.

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  • How did you get them onscreen controls

  • No sé si alguien recuerda también uno de plataformas en el que el principal tenía que rescatar una princesa y sus armas eran un tipo yoyo de colores verde, azul y dorado jajaja

  • ?Donde encuentro estos juegos?

  • What is java games can Java games run in my keypad phone

  • Hello sir I'm mark

  • 🙁 1/42

  • Can we dwnld it in zte reliance mobile

  • Name of game 1:07 ??? Please

  • How to install this games. Link pls

  • Spider man, imortalls,lego batman

  • Ahhh.. Good old days❤️😍

  • Thanks for reviving my old memories ☺️

  • how can download java games on android ?

  • california gold rush, nowhere, bt plane, worms forts, train tycoon , etc

  • from where to downland 480×800 java games

  • And how can I set the style of buttons without them looking like numbers?

  • brother how can i download java games?

  • I m searching that ballon fight game I forget the name may be it's balloon bandits joker as a villain can anyone help me

  • Nice video !

  • Where can I download it

  • I really love Gameloft and Java games

  • You forgot age of empires, anno 1800

  • jogos ja isso sim era jogo de verdade com qualidade e história, não esses a maioria dos jogos mobile de agora atualmente que você tem que pagar para poder prosseguir no jogo

  • This game is awesome.
    That was good.
    Thanks for sharing.
    More posts to watch.
    Let's color our worlds ❤️
    …. Ur friendly neighborhood in Japan

  • I loved the Nokia and other java composed games and somehow I still like them over the modern Android Games.

  • bro if you give the links i think it is also better

  • I played 90%of them…thank you.

  • There was so many good games for old phones now i cant find them anymore fck

  • Anyone know there's another gamelorft game similar style like Splinter Cell? I remember is a bit futuristic but is a side-scroll platform like splinter cell … anyone know what i meant?

  • Im searching for a game but doesn’t whats its called now it was a long time ago when i played it on my qwerty.
    Ill try to explain and can someone out there guess it. Thank you.
    It was like little heroes that if they kill creatures they could get items it was an adventure then you can buy to an alchemist then somehow i was stock in a iced place that you can move the pillar to go in a next level.

  • Where can I get that Assassin's Creed Unity ".jar" from ?
    I searched there are no results

  • what game is in number 5

  • I miss my keypad phone with many games

  • Here's to the ones that we got
    Cheers to the wish you were here, but you're not
    'Cause Play bring back all the memories
    Of everything we've been through
    Play to the ones here today
    Play to the ones that we lost on the way
    'Cause the play bring back all the memories
    And the memories bring back, memories bring back you
    We love you java and we miss you

  • Name for music at 0:20

  • Finally i found the game i searched so much for

  • Panzer Tactics 2 is one of the best Mobile STS Game at that Time

  • 1:27 Please Name game i Miss this game a lot

  • Nostalgia

  • Die Hard 4

  • where did you download these games java?

  • Pls how can I get the background music😫