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Set Computer to Turn OFF at Certain Time Windows 10

Set Computer to Turn OFF at Certain Time Windows 10

Lossless VS Lossy Video Compression
Here is the link:

I will show you how to set up shutdown schedule using a Task Scheduler so that your computer will shutdown at a time you set it to shutdown.

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  • Man this is very complicated! Isn't there a simpler option like a third party app?

  • Thanks so much mate appreciate your video.

  • Thanks so much man. it helps a lot

  • thank tou so much

  • hey question….few day ago it work nice, now it's not anymore.

    i have set it to turn off at 22:30, it's in task scheduler but doesn't do anything now.

  • hi bro how u get nature desktop background nature pls share with me

  • this doesn't work on my pc, like, the program starts, but it doesn't turn the pc off, any suggestions?

  • perfect for when i fall asleep watching youtube 😉

  • Super useful. Never knew computers could do this. thanks!

  • This would be better if you were a Indian kid

  • My computer shutdown and now has error messages saying random unplanned shutdown what can I do?

  • KING

  • Will it shutdown even if I'm listening to music on it?

  • my pc Windows 10 auto shutdown once every exactly one hour.

  • why does my shutdown.exe doesnt work?

  • Thanks! I needed this to force shut down since I tend to stay late and i don't have the will power to shut it down myself.

  • VinceVince

    Author Reply

    Easier method:

    Go to task bar ( Bottom left )
    1. Type “Command Prompt”
    2. Then type “Shutdown -s -t XXXX”
    3. XXXX would be the total amount of seconds you would like your computer to stay on for before shutting down

    EXAMPLE: “Shutdown -s – t 7200”
    ( This means that my computer will shut down after 2 hours – 7200 seconds=2 hours )

  • this is the thing u need to write:
    /f /s /t /0

    Copy and paste (im saving you time)

  • we can skip the command prompt correct?

  • Thank you!

  • Is it possible to do all of it in regedit?

  • Can I say I love you in a non homosexual way?

  • I am still confused.

  • Is there a way to turn it on like this

  • Perfect for afk and shutdown at morning xD, thx man ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Hi, is there a way to close a program on win 10 after certain hours of inactivity.

  • Your voice is nice! It makes you so calm and drowsey!

  • can u make a timer for turning off the computer and not completely shutting it down?

  • now youtube's recommended hypnotizing has been forever ceased from life bleeding your potential to be anything more than eye sockets directed at a rectangle. I am empowered.

  • afk farmers here ?

  • Not working in my win10 /f /s /t 0 argument , i change it to -s -t 0 now it working

  • so confusing and difficult to understand! ; jumping from one thing to another with no explaining at all!

  • Why it doesn't work in my windows 10?

  • b sb s

    Author Reply


  • Well done man!
    Thank you <3

  • Let's hope this works !

  • Is it possible to lock computer and not be able to log on until a certain time

  • I presume if you shut it down at say, 17:00, it restarts the next day automatically at midnight? Anyone please?

  • whats the background music?

  • Can you also make video on setting your laptop to auto turn on at a certain time. Thank you.

  • thank you sire!

  • Perfect, does the job man

  • I'm confused how does it unshutdown

  • Thanks for the clear explanation.

  • RezRez

    Author Reply

    Thank you SOOO much, my favorite game just dropped a update and i want to keep my computer on while i sleep but only for a hour, because of this video i now know how. Thanks man.