Review: 500+HP 2017 BMW M3

I review this 2017 BMW M3 with DCT and the following performance mods: JB4 tune, Burger Motorsports intakes, catless downpipes and KW sleeves. What do you think about it? Huge thanks to Joe (@__joeparker__) for letting me review his car!

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  • This kid turns into a 5 year old girl when He steps on the pedal

  • I’m looking to trade in my APR tuned 2014 GLI for a 17’ M3 or M4. Haven’t test driven them yet but that’s coming soon!

  • For a built car it looks very stock haha no wonder I was sleeping on it 😂😂😂😂

  • Say what you want but i refuse to believe a Tesla can bring this type of joy and satisfaction

  • Can you stop saying "uh" and "Uhm" after every sentence?

  • @7:19 is when the m3 took him by his ball sack 😂😂😂

  • https://www.gofundme.com/tke3n6-help-me-not-be-poor&rcid=r01-154603528816-320d7e91035b41cd&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_m

  • I can see you had great fun driving that pitbull of a car! It's a beast for sure! Great review!

  • Need to put some 295’s in the rear and 265’s in the front and it’ll put the power down. Need better tires as well

  • 5:58 I've never heard that startup noise before in a bmw

  • I used to leave my interest in bimmers at the e46, but I saw this car in the parking lot at a diner and I just saw how much of a beauty it was. I'd definitely get this once depreciation kicked in

  • FrankFrank

    Author Reply

    So is the M3/M4 twin turbo or single turbo? He keeps saying “the turbo” as if there is only one. I had the impression it had two turbos

    FORZA ALFA BABY….!!!!!!

  • need help! which exhaust tips are those? I want to get a set for my f80.

  • Price?

  • What a bitch it's not a manual hopefully that paddle shift tickles your taint. Pathetic!

  • really digging matts style in this one!

  • Who's Missing the sound of V10 ?

  • You know he has the biggest bonner after every rip

  • The most aggressive car I've seen☠️🔥🔥

  • Lol this guy is no longer a Subaru fan 😀

  • "Oh hoo hooooo"

  • that red seat is too much lol

  • E PE P

    Author Reply

    Bring back the v8, the 6's don't sound good at all.

  • This may be a dumb question but can you connect your phone to the car to answer calls and play music through Bluetooth? I'm assuming it does but I didn't see it?

  • MeesMees

    Author Reply

    Who does think the M3 is better then then re C63, Like if you do.

  • This kid loves every car. Its hilarious

  • The BMS tune changes the Turbos character. Thats why it feels "old school turbo" the OEM tune was optimized to mask this type of sensation. Thanks for the video Matt.

  • Must have the vibrating seat.

  • 7:22 😭😭

  • ew …..the instrument cluster