Painting a Game Icon ENGLISH

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  • You're magic!

  • What brush do you use for the line work? That looks incredible, I know that it's a hard brush, but mine never look like that.

  • really helpful indeed thank you

  • By far the best concept art channel

  • That was a great tutorial! Thank you!

  • absolutly perfect.. Thanks for tutorial 🙂

  • Hey! Really nicce work, I just recently started working in this industry and I found It very helpful. What brushes do you use in this tutorial? I can't find any that I would like, and especially in the line art the brush looks very cool.

  • fabfab

    Author Reply

    you wouldn't recommend illustrator for doing gameicons (no quality loss when resizing since vector) ? am not sure which programm to use

  • i have to say this, you are one of the most artist who has been having the greatest VIDs TUT on youtube. waiting for more TUT from you. i love your all TUTS

  • If I do the patreon thing will I be able to get the lineart for this? I got the small and crappy Wacom tablet and I find it impossible to draw lineart .-.

  • nice video mate.

  • That's one nice tutorial. Well explained, good inspiration, I patreoned directly. Now I'm expecting even more Game oriented tutorials ! 🙂

  • Love you tutorials !
    Can you Please share a tutorial based on painting refracting objects like Crystals or Icicles ?

  • Hey Jesus – you can use the effects to create a separate shadow layer, by first creating your effect, then right-click on the "fx" next to the layer, and select "Create Layer" near the bottom. Boom.. new shadow layer 😉

  • have found some time so i did this today =) very nice guide thanks you jesus conde

  • I've been wondering, what resolution do you need to have good details in the final icon? Is there a way to find it based on the in-game, final screen resolution?

  • This was nicely done! most of your videos are. You put a lot of effort into it, I am surprised by the amount of views you get. You should be getting hundreds of thousands! well done and keep up the wonderful work, Jesus Conde!

  • wonderful ! ! !

  • Hey, Jesus! Another awesome tutorial! I like the way you use the pomodoro technique (the grid thing) to do the finishing touches: it really helps you to focus while spending your energy wisely.

  • ohh man you have so much great line ! its so enjoyable to see how to draw !

  • It's Hearthstone XD

  • DarkoDarko

    Author Reply

    What is the brush you're using and what settings you have for it ?

  • CS3 better than the latest version?

  • Hey, awesome tutorial mate! As always! One thing to mention tho', the game's name is Hearthstone, not Stonehearth.