NEW TECH in Audrey's Escape! (Back Up Camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, & More)

Today we install some new technology in Audrey’s car!


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  • may i know
    what is the exact model of the atoto a6 pro for ford escape 2005 and the dimension?

  • My sis got the same car


  • Магнитолла заебца

  • Is their a way I can get those metal things that took out the old radeo

  • What mounting plates did you use for the radio??

  • You really should have shown the installation of the relay for the backup camera, that's the part I needed

  • Poor starter 7:34

  • i am trying to install a back up cam on my 07 escape and cant seem to get it right i was wondering if there is anyway you could walk me through it i have bin going nuts trying and nothing on youtube helps

  • what model of atoto is it? A6 pro, premium, standar????

  • Very good, after watching our video i would like to have ford escape tooo👌👌👌👌 in malaysia 🇲🇾 the for escape price if very good to buy👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • What mounting kit did you guys use?

  • Hi, I just bought a used car, Ford Escape 2005 2.3 XLT. But the antena doesnt show up . Not sure maybe damage or missing mast. I look to the antena hole , its look the mast nothing there. How do i khow if my car use motorize antena or manual antena. This vehicle is asian version . Im from indonesia. Tks.

  • I know this video is old, but I own an ‘03 Ford Escape and was wondering where you got your radio antenna ? I’m in need of a new one ASAP!

  • You may have answered this, but how did you actually get the back up camera to work? What type of relay and etc?

  • You really love to hear yourself talk…. STOP you are not that interesting.. cut this video in half.

  • Hi, can u give us info about wiring diagram ?

  • >> How good has the radio been so far being it's been a year?

  • What did audrey get after this blew

  • About how much should a shop charge to install the Atoto in that year Escape? I went to one shop and they wouldn't even quote me a price saying it would be too much trimming. 😡

  • Atoto

    A= Africa

    Toto= Toto

  • How was the relay wired up? Can the 85, 86, 30, and 87 pin inputs to the relay be given?

  • I’m jealous of her I wish my escape looked like that.

  • Relays are an electromagnetic switch. That's really all they are. Plug in a power supply to the electromagnet's coil, plug in the car's mains supply, plug in the output, and it should do its thing.

  • 7:52 "AUDREY! STAAAPH!!!" shit really kills me in the midnight omfg 😂😂😂

  • Your girl looks like Katy Goodman of La Sera

  • does the code work for anyone els? wont work for me

  • You need more boost to make that bov work with 2 springs

  • Why you cut your hair like that 💔

  • a gromet arround where the wires go though the tailgate would help them keep from wearing though in the feature

  • ** Buy Audrey New Truck Speakers. Stock Ones Suck!! Maybe Clutchfield Site. 😉