New Honda NeoWing 2020 Official | Honda Neo Wing New 3 Wheel Motorcycle – GoldWing Cousin

Honda NeoWing on the production line for Yamaha Niken bullets

Honda NeoWing has officially received a full patent by the European Patent Office, which clearly points to its fellow countrymen.

The patent shows that Honda’s 3-wheel rookie has the power of a twin-cylinder or 6-cylinder engine, and of course the 6-cylinder engine will be NeoWing from the ground engine. Gold Wing, capacity toois leather 126 Nm and maximum torque of 170 Nm.

Honda Neowing: 3-wheel motorcycle concept, 2 electric and gasoline engines
Neowing is Honda’s 3-wheeled motorcycle concept with two front wheels and a rear wheel similar to Yamaha MWT-9 but completely different front wheel design. The highlight of Neowing comes not only from its pit-like appearance but also from the engine when equipped not only to two separate engines, a traditional engine with 4 cylinders placed horizontally and dynamically. electromechanical to increase vehicle acceleration.

According to Honda, Neowing brings the feeling of sporty driving and the feeling of cornering similar to large motorcycles but when running at low speed, it still has great stability. The two front wheels are connected by a special suspension system completely different from Yamaha’s coupling system used on their three-wheeled models. Technically it may be different but in terms of function both serve the common purpose of providing a stable, stable driving feel when entering the hug and rest assured to run through uneven undulating terrain.

For example, when cornering or running on slippery roads, tire grip plays a big role in ensuring that the car does not get trapped, leading to a fall. If the rear wheel fails, the front wheel will also deviate from the vehicle’s orbit and cause you to fall. As for cars with 2 front wheels, firstly, the grip of the front of the vehicle can be doubled, even when running on rough terrain, each front wheel will act as a pedestal for the wheel. Again, keep the car stable and balanced because the suspension system allows each wheel to comfortably move up and down the terrain. The second is that when the rear wheels are missed, it is difficult to make the front wheels deviate.

Thus, although 3-wheeled motorcycles such as Neowing or MWT-9 have a large appearance but in terms of steering feel, it is extremely good, especially when cornering. Even Honda is worried when adding an additional electric motor into the body to ensure always bring the most powerful feeling of acceleration.

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  • Looks like they looked at kawaski desing.

  • So, It's a honda can am Spyder.. big effin deal

  • I own a Niken GT now I’m waiting for this.

  • S SS S

    Author Reply

    Great to see innovation, when do we get to play with the real deal???

  • does anyone wanna treat DADDY to this?

  • Al PAl P

    Author Reply

    So sweet ! The engine seems to be V4, boxer. Perfect for this trike. I would not mind getting one. I would say 25K.

  • 15 years that in Europe we have powerful 3 wheels scooters… Honda is a dinosaur which wants to wake up on in 2020 ? Where can I put my shopping bags and my chihuahua on this motorcycle ???

  • Not this model not intetested, still prefer new africa twin 1100cc to be seen

  • hope will come in 2020 and will be driveable with car licence, cant wait for it 🙂

  • Not showing the front to much…hmmm

  • 3wheel bike 4 rich!!!

  • 🤯😍

  • They have been talking about making this bike for over three years now. Is there any OFFICIAL word that it will happen?

  • This has got to be the 10th time I have seen a rumor about this bike. They are building it!! They are not building it! They are building it but in 2020! No not building it but maybe limited production! Building it but in 2022…… Whatever. I hate seeing bikes no one is building. When they decide to do it then tell me. Stop all this prototype junk that never makes it to production.

  • I’d rather see a two wheel version of this bike.

  • Very nice!
    Now how much….. $35,000?

  • Neo-Neo-Wing 2022: 4 Wheels!

  • Nahhhhh, not for me, had to have 2 wheels 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Due to come in 2020, really???