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How To Forward Yahoo Mail to Gmail |Automatic email forwarding in Yahoo Mail | Yahoo Mail Forwarding

Latest Tutorial on How to forward Yahoo mail to Gmail & Yahoo Mail Forwarding 2019. You can forward Yahoo mail to Gmail or to any other email service You want. If You forward Yahoo Mail to Gmail then you can easily receive all Yahoo emails on Gmail. This type of Yahoo Mail Forwarding is also known as Automatic email forwarding in Yahoo Mail.

Steps to forward Yahoo mail to Gmail in 2019 or to any other email service .

1. Login to Yahoo Mail.
2. Go To Settings then More Settings.
3. Click on Mailboxes.
4. Click Email You want to Forward:- Under Mailbox list, Click on Yahoo Email Address Which You want to Forward to Gmail.
5. Scroll Down and find FORWARDING
6.Under FORWARDING Enter the Gmail Address on which You want to forward Yahoo Mail & click Verify Button.

Now Yahoo mail will send an email to the Gmail Address on which You want to forward Yahoo Mail, which you have entered under FORWARDING.

7. Verify by clicking on the Link inside received Email on Gmail on which you have forwarded Yahoo Email.
8. Come back to Yahoo and Save.

Now You can check by sending an email to Yahoo Mail. You should receive Your Sent email to new email address on which You have forwarded Your Yahoo mail.

This way You can easily forward Yahoo Mail to Gmail or to any other email Service.

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    I also deleted all my old emails in yahoo so it would not forward a bunch of junk.