Guide: Play Generals Zero Hour Online with GameRanger

An extensive step-by-step guide showing you how to play Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour online with GameRanger on Windows.

This guide works for all versions of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows 10.

00:01 Create an e-mail address (optional).
01:53 Download GameRanger.
02:38 Install Flash Player (
04:08 Register new GameRanger account.
05:47 Explaining GameRanger features.
06:46 Reduce GameRanger notifications.
07:08 Installing GenTool Proxy Launcher to allow for ‘-win’ to work with GameRanger (optional).
09:05 Joining an online game.
12:33 Port-restricted NAT Router – Some quick info.
13:27 Why the host should not leave when other players are italics (and some useful tips!) – part 1.
15:32 Slow loading.
16:31 Why the host should not leave when other players are italics (and some useful tips!) – part 2.
18:28 Hosting an online game.

– Quickly create an e-mail address.
– GameRanger official website.
– Installing Flash Player offline.
– For installing the GenTool Proxy Launcher.

Other links:
– 7-Zip compression tool.

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  • My remote IP is blank which prevents me from joining any game !

  • OniecOniec

    Author Reply

    jsut connection timed out

  • Awesome video. It works!!!! Thank you and keep it up!

  • allguien sabe porque cuando intento comenzar una partida online con game range, el juego se me rinde a los segundos?

  • wow i and my brother want to play with you 2 vs 1 . what do you say?

  • Hey, if i try to play with a fried, the game stucks and lags really hard… do u know how i can fix that ?

  • FloryFlory

    Author Reply

    Hello guys, i got a problem to join the games. When I try to join a game there is no remote ip adress so i cannot join a game. how can i solve this ?

  • Ns NsNs Ns

    Author Reply

    Nice vid! Any idea on fixing the famous 'mismatch' error? Been trying to fix it but everybody names a different solution

  • MOMO

    Author Reply


    I followed all the ways when I got the game and succeeded.

    Now I ask you one last request. I want an email account in order to play online tried all the methods and did not succeed

    Please do my email account

    I completed everything and stopped at the email please work me account

    Blaze Pro

  • hey ! i want to play online general game but i have 7.0 .IT IS POSSIble ?

  • Is it possible to be observer by one of your games??

  • when i start a multyplayer in genrals zero hour . inside the game its so fast , how can i solve this ?

  • hmmmm all join the game onley me no

  • Canot run on windows 10 how to solve pls

  • Very good and pedagogique video. Also love your dry humor and self irony. The signs of an grown-up who still like games! 🙂

  • gameranger has encountered an unexpected error and must quit please help

  • Hey man, you have some amazing videos, but I was wondering when are you going to make a video on port forwarding? Keep up the awesome work with keeping all of us up to date with Command and Conquer I am glad to see that it is still being supported after all these years.

  • thnx dude

  • btw nice guide video
    and can u help plz

  • hi
    i have a problem called UDP Port 16000 at router to disable

    i entered the router options but didnt know where to catch what i want
    can u help plz

  • great work

  • do i need the gentoll thing to play?

  • Thanks man

  • Thanks again for your tutorials!! Unfortunately I'm having the same issue with scrolling (I have to hold right click to scroll rather than simply scrolling) that I had fixed for offline play. I fixed it for offline by getting rid of the win code and making it full screen. However game ranger automatically launches it as a window mode… I did the tutorial on borderless full screen and that worked but I still can't scroll normally… I notice in the coding window that also launches it has the win code… How can I fix either the scrolling issue or the launching into a window issue? Thanks again for all your help!!!!

  • holy crap why your typing fast ?

  • @Legionnaire Generals
    im unable to connect to players with gentool i even followed Dominator video can you please tell me how to port forward on a Asus RT N56U maybe im doing something wrong there

  • Legionnaire how to activate the account? I'm currently using a gmail not like yours. REPLY PLZZ

  • where is a key on keyboard, to typing or chat into a game pls answer

  • happen :))) hahahahaha HAPPEn Yahhuuuu

  • connection timeout? pls help…

  • Why windowed ? i can hosting a game but i can´t join a game… where can i get help or a good manual ?

  • I feel silly I tried the other video on doing the official patch to play online and nearly killed the game XD so i'm trying the easier one which I hope is this XD it's a very helpful vid but…XD game ranger no longer needs flash player so you can remove that part of the video wohoo ^^ although I haven't really gotten far in the vid as i'm typing this just finished the flash player part only to feel silly learning it wasn't needed.

  • Thanks much appreciated

  • good vid but does not need to be 20 mins

  • I have Problem with My remote ip

  • NoxNox

    Author Reply

    that -win thing is not on mine and cant be added

  • Hey Bro
    Wanna play together?
    My Name is HaiShadowYT on GameRanger.

  • Sadly Generals without the Zero Hour extension pack doesn't have any players…


  • Ahh finally got game ranger working again cause of this video, thanks 🙂

  • Hey buddy! can I play online without the game's CD?
    cuz it's asking for it!

  • Can you help me pls ? When I play online, there's always a mismatch, a lost of synchronisation.
    I installed C&C Zero Hour exactly like you've done in your video, I just don't have GenTool because I have BitDefender.

  • Does this work for December?

  • why it says connection time out

  • hey legi, first of all I love your vids and always look forward to them!! Today i wanted to play via gr, however after the game starts and everyone chooses their color and then acc and start, i dont load and i dont know why. can u help me out? 🙂

  • How to adjust to full screen mode? I got that problem.

  • Hi man! When I try to join a game there is no ip so i cannot join a game

  • hey i have this problem when im instaling
    Unable to launch C:UserCHARLE~1AppDataLocalTemp{06F80017-8F98-4C94-B868-52358569FC32}DatGen.exe
    also it doesnt ask me for a serial wehn im instaling

    i cant play what you think is the probelem

  • Finally a decent vid about this, took me forever to figure out how to make it work when i downlaoded it. Btw there is a wikihow
    Page about it, checj out if u can link this vid to that page.