Grubby | Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne | 2v2 ORC/HU vs. NE/UD – Phantom Grove

We had a strategy set out but faced all kinds of difficulties. One thing worked though. Human went big. (Game Played 1-Jan-2017)

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Hi! I’ve been a pro-gamer for 12 years, and I’m a big fan of Blizzard games like WarCraft 3, StarCraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm. My channel is welcoming to new and experienced players alike. Please subscribe to my channel by clicking here:


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  • I love to see that game too in 2020

  • Orc Over Power

  • 😂why dont u just buying the pendant item, its more usefull than that wastless buff i guess. Hahahah. Having a flying units is more advntageable ..

  • Over 1 Million People watching a wc3 game? Thanks grubby!

  • Como le gusta el warcraf3 jaja este tipo segutp sabe todo como el jugador de pac man jaja traumita nanzi debe saber todo pro

  • Imagine calling the best player in the world a f*cking noob lol 😂

  • Lol

  • ZamZam

    Author Reply

    So This is how a pro plays warcraft

  • Fast hands

  • Good video i subscribed if someone want play with me its be cool and pls subscribe to my channel i play warcraft to😀

  • jeeez If I'd knew to play WCIII like this guy

  • my brain get error you are pro

  • "yesu" "tastu my bureido" These guys are funny as hell , it's a shame that they aren't in WoW

  • Juega horrible y se hace el pro

  • This sound is soo irritating 😫😫😫

  • Can someone please explain why he is hitting/tapping the keyboard keys so ridiculously fast at 7:04 till 7:10 and several other times.. My only guess's would be to start the creation of a unit or upgrade, etc as fast/soon as possible… But I feel like I may be wrong.. Used to play Warcraft 3 back in the day and I NEVER had tap keys so fast… Lol..

  • The good old Wc3 ! Gonna miss the time though

  • 7:51 он здох чтоли

  • oii boa noite

  • Nob

  • Clicking on things extra times won't make you better.

  • I've stopped playing W3 since 2010. My APM was around 120. I've gone back to W3, now my APM is still 100~ and still much better than newplayers..

  • Hu+orc have great advance

  • Fap hand

  • I miss this old game I wanted to play again but suddenly my computer is broken cause of old years

  • that's the fastest keyboard typing i have ever seen in my freaking life

  • You figure this guy would have a keyboard without all the ducking clicking.

  • Open mouth

    Zombie mode activated 😃

  • Im still play this game in 2019

  • Плохая игра

  • Why you click 8900 buttons /sec.

    It's enough to click one time.

    Hope this tutorial was useful

  • Z3R0.Z3R0.

    Author Reply

    Can't wait to install my old favorite game…Man… 2019, this game will always be my favorite.

  • I wasn't even born when this game came out,but i first play it when i was 4😂.Although i was play it with cheats and i was only can play with computers since none of my friend play it.It's been 9 years though and still i play it

  • 2019 anyone? i miss this game so much

  • I miss this game

  • Seriously that keyboard though… honestly is it really worth it lol. It's just a game lol

  • JC YuJC Yu

    Author Reply

    That was a really good strategy.
    Tank the orc, with Human mass army upgraded.
    Repositioning really well.
    They failed as they divided at the end. 2vs1.

  • Is it me, or with the Night Elf's is hard to play? 😶

  • The orcs should have sided with the undead and the human should have sided with the elves in that case a perfect alliance and horde would have clashed

  • One of your best videos!