[Destiny Child] LISA'S EXTRA LESSONS New Player Guide: FREE MAX 6 STAR Selections!

Destiny Child’s event Lisa’s Extra Lessons is back and ShiftUp is giving us free max uncapped 6 stars to celebrate! Lisa’s Extra Lessons provides us with an amazing selection of 6 stars to choose from, which makes this the perfect time for new players to jump in! Come watch as we go over the selection to help you decide the best picks for your account!

Huge thanks to CrimsonGhost for his amazing work on the thumbnail, inlay, logo, and outro:

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  • I didn't quite got it, this event is ending on 28 may, but requires at least 7 days to comlplete. So if I create account lets say on may 26th, I will not be able to do all 7 lessons?

  • just started the game and got Naive Syrinx from tutorial summon

  • It's so good to see some YouTubers talking about this game. I play FEH and Destiny Child just like you and in my opinion DC is so much better in any way.

  • This is a great video! Very straight to the point and as someone who is new at this game, I appreciate the content that you put out to let us, newbies, transition into the game easier. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • man its so hard to decide! I really want to pick chang'e for day seven cus she is waifu material, but then there's eve who is busted. I'm a new player so it's really hard for me to make a choice ;-;

  • For my picks, I'm going Persephone for dark. I think the debuffs benefit my team alot, at !east until I get Lan Fei..but regardless, +6 Persy is a good debuffer for me.

    I came back to the game thinking my account was bad, but I actually have both Eve and Dana Lol. I'll probably get Eve as the final pick since my Dana is looking pretty good.

    Actually…I hope my grass ticket gives me Bathory..good debuffer and I can't stop staring at her 😔

  • NeroNero

    Author Reply

    did you summon for Bridal Hildr?

  • I can't believe i only heard the news now.
    New player here, hope i didnt miss much


  • Playing since yesterday, I'm pretty amazed by the artwork.. Also eve or dana~ which one should I choose 😖😖

  • Bride hildr is madddd thicc 👀

  • So I download and play this game just in a very right time.. Hell yeah!

  • How big is the file size?

  • Great video! Thanks for the upload and talking us through the different options. I've started DC 3 weeks ago and was kinda surprised about the drops from Lisa's Extra Lessons. Huge boost for a newbie. I chose Chang'e, Elysion, Yuna, Erato, Amor and Eve. (Can not remember right now what the 3 final tickets gave me.)

  • That's really interesting that Destiny Child has kinda quality of localizing
    They didn't use the term "666 event" for this even like Korean server, and the "Soul Market" is just "Shop"
    Chan'e is also followed the original mythology name from China not Korea's Chinese character pronounce "Sang'a"

    I also kinda impressed that you called Cube Moa as "her"
    Nice video

  • I have a question about Lesson 7, I already have Pure Bride Pomona ( not uncapped yet ) and Dana ( Uncapped 1 time ), from the beginning of Lisa lesson event I have made up my mind to choose Dana +6 over Eve +6, but after 4 day of playing, I got those 2 units I mention above, so the question is, is it better to choose Eve now or still going with Dana because now that I think of it Eve is a pretty solid choice..
    P/s: thank you for the guide, us new Archfiend Candidates really appreciate it <3

  • Pk ya une différence entre la jp et global ? Les quêtes sont pas les meme

  • I started last year w lisa lessons and he isnt lying it is brain dead easy to acomplish. I played through all the content easily becuz of this. Took a month break and loaded game back up too see this again. Last year i chose based off videos like this for top tier choices , this year i get to choose from the best looking 🙂

  • I have Dana but she isn't maxed. Should I get second Dana or nah? I already have forbidden eve as well.

  • Hi, I'm a newbie trying to hop on to the game.
    Do Elysion and Eve poisons stacks? I mean… If in lesson 7 I chose Eve, then I won't need to pick Elysion if they don't complement each other.
    Nice video btw, keep it up

  • I've been with this game since launch. My suggestion is, just do what you feel like, cuz eventually, you will max out every child. doesn't really matter. it's a cellphone game, don't need that much guide.


  • I'm late for this game? I knew about its existence few days ago.

  • I mean I know they have good designs and all 🙂, but where are the skills while u were explaining each unit 😂 – at least showing them on the screen for few seconds would have helped 🙃

    Do u think eve is a better choice than Dana? I have dana at 2*, and the barrier doesn't seem to change much 2* vs 6* – it's 1.7k barrier vs 2.1k barrier, or am I missing something? Considering she's a tank – meaning even as 2* she has ton of hp/def I don't rly see how having her 6* would help the team any more than eve?

  • Well I already have Dana and Eve. I don't have Mars, Morgan or Frej. Heck.
    UPDATE: I got Mars because she seems to be better overall with one of the best World Boss abilities and I have a decent amount of attackers anyway.

  • Does anyone play the Korean version? What are the requirements for lesson 7 in the Korean version. Obviously not the same as in the English version since I met the requirements of the English version but the Korean versions hows the requirements as not met.

  • good guide !

  • Thanks for this guide!!

  • 9999

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    Thanks so much for the very thorough video and the info man!