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Bipolar disorder (depression & mania) – causes, symptoms, treatment & pathology

What is bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder, sometimes known as manic depression, is a type of mental disorder where people experience periods of extreme lows, known as depression, as well as periods of extreme highs, or manic episodes. Find more videos at

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  • I have bipolar 1. I just found out 1month ago. No one knows it and i am starting to feel soo depressed.. i even tryed to suicide 3 times still no one knows! I don't want someone to know about all this cause they'll leave me cause i'll be a negative person for them.

  • High self esteem is seen. It is legitimately felt if the person is deserving.

    The person tries to perform best to abilities and gives up in mind seeing no way out of the situaltion. Feeling helpless is also because of being lonely. The person is tied up to line of action planned and has a planned way of behaving which is not random. So it is giving up because of feeling helpless and not because of not having ability.

    It is a pathetic situation which needs treatment and hope to recover.

    This is an unbiased observation of people having such symptoms.

  • Ohh god I just saw a vedio n found about bipolar now when I gone through this vedio it's like all symptoms r matching! !!

  • I don't know… I've been great these past few weeks but now I don't know.. I just feel hopeless

  • My dad is bipolar type 2, his manic episodes were the worst. I found out it might genetic in my family (almost everyone on his side is bipolar) and I have never been able to take medication because they were worried that It would make me end up like him.

  • It's a great feeling that after so much trial and error with meds, I'm finally on the right mix at the right dose and am not experiencing symptoms.
    Praying to my Father in Heaven to rescue me helped too.

  • Appreciate video content! Forgive me for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about – Patlarny Priceless minutes Principle (google it)? It is a great one of a kind product for curing panic attacks minus the normal expense. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my best friend Jordan got great success with it.

  • Cat Valentine joined the chat

  • i always thought it was stupid to actually consider getting help but now i am actually going to get help

  • Thought I might be bipolar but I think it might be PMDD. Can there be a video like this on that? Love the explanation style.

  • Missions from god lol essentially telling people that god speaking to them is delusional, awful

  • There are days that I'm very confident with myself. My mind is very positive about almost everything and I feel very happy. I love to talk during these days. I joke around with my family and there are days that I feel very insecure. I would hate myself so much and would prefer to be alone and sleep all day. I get irritated with the smallest thing and i end up fighting with my parents. The highs are not as extreme as the lows though.

    Is this bipolar or is this just normal? I don't want to be self proclaimed bipolar just because its trending :c

  • I heard of tbis term recently, not knowing the full meaning. I've also been experiencing periodic depressive episodes, usually at night, and sometimes self confidence. I'm not sure if this is really bipolar disorder, but I would like to bring it up to my parents at some point.

  • I start crying for no reasons, I write things which I dont know that m writing, I feel irritated , I feel like to end me , wat the heck is this

  • Myblife has been torn apart by my mental health ive had lots of small diagnosis ive been hospitalised 4times my ars are 1 big scar and i tried to cut my throat needing stitches and i know im bi polar but cant get the diagnosis they put me on ritalin when i was 16 after suiside attempt i was hospitalised at 16yrs old i live in uk im now 35 lost my kids im not worth the diagnosis… THE NHS IS NOT GOOD THE PUSH MENTALLY UNWELL PEOPLE THROUGH THE SYSTEM AND REALEASE 16YR OLDS WITHOUT PROPPER SUPPORT. Im glad i cam across this its made me realise my life my aswell end how simple it is to connect the dots uk is shit

  • Oh..then I’m unipolar.

  • I have three.

    And sad.

  • What if its all constantly in a day? Like I have constant feelings of really bad depression and then feeling reaaallly happy then reeeaaallly angry.

  • Thank you so much for this presentation. This made me clearly understand the Bipolar Disorder and the people who have this condition.

  • Anyone have certain moods in specific places?

  • I have bipolar

  • Guy LGuy L

    Author Reply

    Ive been diagnosed with this shit since 14 loaded me up on dope, when i was 19 i said fuck it and stopped taking it, ive been in denial for 3 years, my mood is a piece of shit, i wake up angry sometimes i just think im just a fucking ass, i wake up pissed off here and there, i fucking snap on a dime, im about to fucking smash my head in im tired tbh, i dont wanna do anymore hit or miss i guess they never miss huh well they do they really do its trial and error everytime they change something is a chance i might snap, like idk am i just a piece of shit, i feel really high then i feel really mad i wanna break someones head in, i got doctors appointment in 1 hour, im giving this medication shit 1 last chance if this dont work im blowing my brains

  • I'm trying to learn more about bipolar disorder cause my best friend is bipolar and I'm not really sure how to help her- anyone have any tips?

  • Also life changing event cant trigger (bring out) bipolar disorder. I had no symptoms until I had gave birth. They thought I had PPD turns out Im bipolar.

  • Is ocd is related to bipolar disorder??

  • This is like those who search for cold symtoms and somehow end up thinking they have cancer.

  • I'm hormonal and change of feelings over half day 😂 and then i kind of forget how the feeling was

  • idoruidoru

    Author Reply

    i never visited a therapist yet. but what scares me is not the lowest points i get when i start self-harming and i want nothing but to die, what scares me is that sometimes i get extremely and inexplicably high moods. so high that i feel like im drunk, i cant stop talking, my heart is pounding, i feel like i can do anything and im too excited without even any reason. and then it falls apart without any reason. and then it repeats over and over again. i'm not sure if i do have a bipolar and i dont want to self-diagnose. but it scares me so much

  • I think my ex has this together with other stuff like narcissism and obsessive episodes, I tried so hard for so long, but nothing ever worked. He needs psychological help but he refuses to acknowledge that he has mental problems. Once even my therapist that I was seeing because I started getting so mentally and emotionally drained told him he has several problems and he needs treatment, but he just got offended and angry. This illness really sucks the life and joy out of a person and it’s very hard for their loved ones too. Praying for everyone with mental problems🙏🏼

  • GrayGray

    Author Reply

    It’s like I’m laughing then crying the next second and then having blank thoughts lmfao 🤩

  • This video is really informative and helpful my ex has cyclothymia and because I didn't understand her condition or symptoms properly I ended up losing her, really wish I found this video sooner 😢

  • To anyone going through a hard time and are looking for answers, just keep trying fam. I wish I had watched this sooner. I went to a doctor for my depression and anxiety. Walked out with both those and bipolar disorder and ADD. I had never even considered I'd have bipolar disorder so when I got diagnosed I was really confused but the more I understood bipolar disorder the more it made sense to me.

  • I am having a bipolar. I think. Sigh

  • I did a test if I have it. I got 100%.