Bartender The Right Mix – All 10 Endings Game, All Reactions, Perfect Drink (Crazy Flash Game)

Bartender The Right Mix – All 10 Endings Game, All Reactions, Perfect Drink (Crazy Flash Game)
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    New Bartender The Celeb Mix Y8 – All 18 Endings Game, All Reactions, All recipes (Crazy Game)

  • I was randomly playing this game once as a kid And Me and my Sisters were Taking Turns making drinks, one time I decided what the best cocktail possible was so I tried my best to make one and when I got the ending with the golden suit I just felt like god

  • 9:56 wait thats literally imposible

  • I'm still playing this game🥺😂😭

  • … Despite all these years, I finally learned the lemon was supposed to be a garnish. I literally thought it was just acceptable to toss an entire lemon in there-

  • I was playing this in 2012 because it was the only game with exploding i could find in google play.


  • Give me a drink bartender


  • My childhood games 😍

  • Youtube randomly recommended me this video, made me renember my childhood

  • I keep searching this game in my play store but 😭 its only allowed at computer

  • I love this game

  • 10:00 i like this choir melody

  • I want the song

  • when i was a kid.. i thought gin was water :DDDDDD anyone else?:D

  • I know how to make a good cocktail where he raises the cocktail and the light comes.
    A little orange juice,cranberry juice lime juice and passion fruit juice, a LOT of vodka, and a lemon garnish.

  • Drink more WHISKY

  • To make it the best

    Always add vodka

  • Give me a drink bartender

  • i suggest 10 seconds of vodka and 8 seconds of cranberry juice then add ice

  • Vodka Gin

  • Someone really like cranberry vodka

  • I played this game when I was 6. Once I got a happy ending.

  • Где русские?

  • No entiendo por que nadie comenta que yezan 135 usa ese juego del bartender que quiere crear una mezcla perfecta en algunos de sus videos de su serie loquendo de plantas vs zombis

  • oSJmeoSJme

    Author Reply

    the game music reminds me of Lupin the 3rd intro music

  • FINALLY I FOUND THIS GAME i saw this game 8 years ago when my cousin was playing this but he didnt tell me the game name and after all those years i finally found it 🥺

  • Bro I was 6 when I played this and now I’m 20 😩 My childhood was amazing

  • Me just searching up a10 playing this game lmao

  • 0:18 BOOM!!!!!!!!!

  • Man this gives so much memories. I remember when I was in 1st grade in 2010 and I had so much fun with playing games like this. Now I’m 16 and a sophomore at high school and everything just fucking sucks now, it feels like life was so much happier back then.

  • 2020 but this is still my fav childhood game

  • My personal perfect mix recipe was half cup of cranberry, almost half of cup of lime and a bit of vodka