Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars (Official Video)

Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars

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Actions speak louder than words. So rather than us go on about how Ron Winter directed the new Shooting Stars music video, got the lads, Bag Raiders to you and me, in front of the blue screen while they were touring North America, or what its like waking up in a bed full of polygon-crafted pretties – just watch the clip and make up your mind.

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  • Thank YouTube guy making lists of meme videos

  • When I listen this song I think that Iam in space or Iam the only one?

  • This is such a trippy song. I heard this a lot during my Amsterdam trip. That space cake had me going for 3 days. I ate one and ended up in Amstelveen and I must have played this song on loop for more than 15 times. Happy Memories, If I could remember some 😂

  • Hi Pro7 Zuschauer

  • imagine this shit come alive

  • Leaving this message here in 2020 so that when I come back I can recall how wild this year was

  • Due eeddd Dee duund Dee doo doo odo staying on my way say1yoing on TMZ wind

  • Old (Br aqui poha)

  • Hey fcker when the world turned upside down come back and listen to this song again.

  • 0:24

  • E

  • Hello

  • 2009. The Early windows 7 age. The absolute nostalgia.

  • Кто русский с тебя лайк и подписка

  • Yeah boiii

  • Fun Fact: When Snoop Dogg takes a weed, this song plays inside his head then he starts to float in the air

  • There is a 8-bit version do good?

  • to my future self:
    hey dude,
    if you ever see this, remember that day you used this song to create the most cringey ass dance choreoraphy for your PE lesson. just thought i would torment you, have a great day 🙂
    – from yourself in 2020

  • Вот что значит туша нахой

  • I hope to come back here when I'm 80 and say fuck this song is still very cool!!!

  • Que se habran fumado para crear esta maravilla de meme jaja

  • B E S T M E M E S O N G E V E R

  • Its like the musical instruments keep getting louder in the background the more he sings lol. Meme hall of fame for sure.

  • Real ones remember this from vine

  • I swear to God I've seen this song before