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Age of Empires II: HD Edition – 1 vs 7 Hardest AI – [Ethiopians] #1

– Age of Empires II: HD Edition – Myself vs 7 Hardest AI – [Rise of Rajas] –
Behold the best player in the world, Hades.
Playing on Nomad as Ethiopians i’ve taken down the new and improved Rise of Rajas expansion’s AI in the most difficult settings I can find in a standard map setting.
-All of the AI’s are team 2 and I am team 1.
-Resources are set to standard
-Large 8 player map
-I picked Ethiopians for their strong early archers (+15% attack speed)
-Originally done and recorded as I was being challenged for the best player in the world position. As per usual, I stand as the best player in the world.

follow me @ twitch.tv/weaduo & facebook.com/weaduo

Nguồn: https://mustafaculban.net/

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  • The onagers, does their attack have… an AoE?

  • Giving commands to sheep in rapid succession makes a funny sound. 😀

  • At 16 th minute and they are in dark age. They arent hardest .

  • y yo orgulloso por ganar uno 1vs1 en dificil jajajajajajaja

  • I can’t even beat 1 AI on moderate. Lol

  • great job bro hhhhhh i can win just with 2 hardest but you destroy all of the 7 wowww …

  • GenosGenos

    Author Reply

    mah… they don't seems hardest at all

  • Why dont you turn off the responce speech patterns?

  • turns out you can 1 vs 26 ai if you play on slow lmao

  • i want to off theme soud in game, can you help me? sorry for my bad English

  • Nomad… it gave you triple the time to prepare,… not choosen random civ ai, you selected the easiest, I challenge you to play vs persians

  • I watched it through thank you for memories! Key to victory in this game is multitasking I guess. Being in everywhere 🙂

  • I can 1 v 2 in a dark forest map, but I can only win if there is a nice choke point for me to defense, then defense until I get to imperial age and use my cheap mass army(two handed swordsman and cheap elephants) to kill them…

  • Even the Viper cant do it.💪

  • Now this is amazing

  • Fun trick for Multiplayer on Black Forest – You can put pallisade on a tree that is cut down, and lame an opponent tree. Some people may not even realize that it's happening. Or get angry XD

  • It's Nomad, try arabia or black forest then you will be realy good. Still good enough since I would probably be unable to beat them even on nomad…

  • 100% not hardest ai

  • "lique". Saludos.

  • youtube, para de limitar a conexão com esse vídeo

  • Do a 1v2 vs the barbarian ai on voobly, and lets see you last past the 20 minute mark.

  • I wonder what kind of AI this is…. 23:00mins no single Warrior and still Feudal Age?

  • I'd be neat if you did another video like this but on Black Forrest

  • It'd be a different story on a land map where the AI isn't pop capping itself by creating a navy

  • Very impressive, AI can get really out of hand if you give them time, especially on numbers. Just not sure why you took so long advancing to Imperial. Great skill man

  • the amount of micro in the exploring phase of the game breaks my brains trying to follow everything that's going on

  • Dude, I can't with 1 in hard and you're fighting with 7 ._.

  • Ow Ow Ow OW

  • I like you in game nickname

  • Had it been arabia, you would've been massacered within 20 ingame mins

  • Use AEGIS

  • After the hour-long battle, did the first villager still survive?

  • now try on the map black forest 1 vs 7 ! you can t win a game in hardest mod 1 vs 7 because the ennemies can have 3500 troups and you only 300

  • I like the aoe, no comentary, 😀

    But, congralutations xD