Advanced Plexus Designs – After Effects Tutorial │ Title Sequence Breakdown

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Rook 3D OBJ File –

♦ Chess Title Sequence –


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Tutorial Maker – Taha Dalal ^_^
Happy Learning.

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  • U are awesome

  • this video is like plexus bible

  • Hey thanking for your help l would like to improved my work so if you could help me out and give me any advice to improve my work thank here is the plexus video l did https://youtu.be/PEYJwTFvx-s
    Thanks for helping us on plexus

  • how do you add effects to Plexus? I've been trying to add saber and glow to several compositions but it looks like plexus doesn't allow it.

  • thanks for the tutorial… that's help a lot

  • I can see my obj file just as small as you at 3:04 but when I go in transform obj and put my scale up it doesn't get bigger, not even when it's on 10000% so im sure im doing something wrong. Any idea what might be the mistake or could I maybe get in contact with you so you can help me?

  • How can i download plexus plugin pls send me the link

  • Even reducing the resolution of object is an effect in itself using noise amplitude. 😊 thank you for sharing. Great videos. I learned from you.

  • Can you tell me what version of after effects you are using

  • this is a great tutorial, but for fairness's sake, this OBJ of the chess piece is also optimized perfectly for this effect. I used my OBJ and at first it looked like a potato, it took a lot of work in Maya to have the same striking effect

  • Thank you so much for the tutorial bro, it has helped me so much

  • Awesome thank you

  • can you please explain how to import out own files from maya 2018?

  • U r amazing bro

  • R KR K

    Author Reply

    Thanks a lot! If I can't find "Plexus Object Panel" in after effect ? What should I do? I've been trying this for 3 hours but can't find solution. Thank you again!


  • Wotch this https://youtu.be/nbvzZVP_aPQ

  • This looks really proffesional, i have to learn this!

  • This is a great video, I enjoyed watching this.

  • Just a question. Which is a good place (website) to download 3D OBJ files for content creation use? By the way great tutorial

  • I dont have that plexus effect on ae

  • Hi. How to create OBJ like this in Cinema4D? Do You know any tutorial?

  • looks cool thx

  • Thank you very much for the 2 months of free learning !

  • Really cool stuff but how did you make the lens flare (?) attached to and move with the obj ? Cool if can tell us. btw the link to 'Chess Title Sequence' has expired … hummm

  • Can you tell me which settings best to use in my composition (when creating a new one). I'm doing this tutorial bit it feels like my image is way more pixelated then yours. So I'm guessing it might have to do something with the composition settings?

  • Why was I ticked "Required for DoF" in Plexus_BG layer, this layer disappear? Please help me! Thanks a lot

  • i dont have plexus in my Aftereffect, and im stop the watching this totorial, plz make video With noting more the normal aftereffect

  • Hi, how did you create the lens flare or beam of light that goes through the OBJ? Thanks

  • Huge thank you !

  • nice video where could you or how can you make or get obj files… ty regards from philippines

  • After Effect can't import OBJ file, why??

  • Great tutorial! very easy and simple, yet beautiful. thank you!

  • Thanks for the video. I have the gtx1070ti gpu but i have a some lags when use plexus and other plugins. maybe i forgot to turn some settings on?

  • Holy damn, it looks sooo professional! I just discovered this channel, but wow bro!

  • Why it's showing unsupported filetype?

  • I don't get a plexus object panel when putting plexus on my solid layer. How can I bring it up manually?

  • Wooow, amazing!! thanks!! keep going! <3

  • super sexy

  • SoKaSoKa

    Author Reply

    Amazing tutorial

  • Thank you very much, I'm loving your plexus tutorials!!