76ERS vs RAPTORS | JAW-DROPPING End to Series Finale! | Game 7

Kawhi Leonard connected on a fadeaway from the right corner as the final buzzer sounded (the first game-winning field goal at the buzzer in a Game 7 in NBA Playoffs history) to propel the Raptors over the 76ers by the final score of 92-90 tonight in Toronto to win the series 4-3 and advance to the Eastern Conference Finals for the 2nd time in franchise history (2016). Kawhi Leonard led all scorers 41 points (franchise record in a Game 7, previously 35 points – K. Lowry 5/15/16), 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals. Joel Embiid paced the 76ers with 21 points (6-18 FG), 11 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 blocked shots in the losing effort. The Raptors will face the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals, with Game 1 set to take place at Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee on Wednesday, May 15th at 8:30p.m. ET on TNT.

GAME 1: 🏀: Raptors vs. Bucks 📅: May 15, 8:30pm/et 📺: TNT

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  • Nobody ever brings up the fact that my guy really took 5 steps before he dribbled the ball off the inbound pass.

  • if kawhi leonard wins another ring this year he will arguably be better then lebron james…

  • Imma Sixers fan and don’t ask for my reaction when I saw this bull crap live

  • What a beast!!! That game 7 peformance

  • man the centers are hitting
    threes nowadays feels weird man

  • u can see kawhi travel when u watch 0.25x speed at 9:08

  • They dont want us to know kawhi traveled at 9:08

  • Girls: boys have never felt so much pain

    76ers fans: 9:11

  • possibly the greatest buzzer beater tie breaker i’ve ever seen

  • Man the fact philly didn't even win with this team

  • Kawhi: I’m going to LA
    Danny green: ok
    Kawhi goes to clippers
    Danny green goes to lakers

  • All I want to say is raptors deserved this but jimmy said it best if the coach let jimmy and embid get more shots and Ben didn’t get so many shot opportunities they possibly could’ve won

  • Embiid is soo good. Kawhi is a legend!

  • Former Phillies P Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams disliked this

  • oyajoyaj

    Author Reply

    This raptors team is like the 09 lakers

  • Man. Kawhi is a beast! But that missed free throw at the end brought my mind back to that game 6 of the Spurs vs Heat, when he missed the one free throw and Ray Allen hit the shot.

  • mario

  • the raptors pooped on their only hope aahahahahaaaah

  • Like the shot MJ took

  • Is this a fake video

  • Embiid was lazy not going for rebounds, Ben was a bum passing up against smaller defenders, Jimmy needed the ball more but they didn’t give it to him until it was too late,

  • This was all embiid's fault haha. He blocked simons from chasing KL 🤣

  • The thing that i hate is he WENT TO STUPID CLIPPERS

  • Cc

  • Who’s came to watch this for the 10th time?

  • I watch this to feel the pain

  • that last shot is one for the ages..
    anime worthy script right there.. then bucks finally gsw.. what a run.. what a Run

  • watching back kawhi's SAS days, the man was now smoother both offensively and defensively compared to his former SAS years.. kobe effect

  • Even as a sixers fan the raptors 100 percent deserved this game, just wish they would stop mocking Embiid for crying

  • If You think about it philly was the closest to beating the raptors in the playoffs

  • Ben Simmons needs to shoot more threesome even kobe said that

  • 9:05 Lenoard catches the ball and take 3 steps before bouncing the ball refs don’t call a travel allowing him to hit the game winner

  • 7:27 ref accidentally blows whistle

  • 3:06 MY GOD

  • If kawhi dosen't drop 45 39 and 41 76ers may have won the ring

  • My heart can't take this damage

  • Drake brought me here, thank that man!!!

  • 5:29 Embiid‘s dunk is in it 2 times

  • Healthy warriors would’ve swept them

  • sixers were game

  • Looking at this shot one year after and still can't understand how it went in. It was lucky but Kawhi is a robot. Fortuna audaces adiuvat

  • Embiid was to slow for him, should have never picked him up, simmons was on him and there’s no denying that

  • Look at Kawhi at 9:07 he travled so the raptors where not supposed to win

  • American sports chants are so gay 😂

  • The fact raptors won like this was kinda karma for the future ledigt how many times did the raptors lose because a shot like this

  • I was in grade 10 when Vince Carter missed the shot against Philly in the same corner, which also would have sent us to Milwaukee. This was pure redemption.

  • 2019 is actually the Lucky years for the Raptors.

    Winning in Game 7 through buzzer beater…

    Winning a championship to Gsw without Kd and Klay…

    I've felt guilt for Derozan XD

  • Никто не заметил что у Кавая пробежка когда он получал мяч на клач?