2017 BMW M3 Test Drive Video Review

The BMW M3 isn’t your regular old sports sedan; rather it has been the vehicle which has defined the segment for years. The question is with all the new rivals out there, is the M3 still the top dog? Base price for the 2017 BMW M3 is $64,000. Under the hood is a twin-turbo inline 6-cylinder that makes 426 horsepower and 406 lb-ft. of torque. You can get a 6-speed manual of a 7-speed DCT transmission. The M3 truly excels in the corners thanks to being well-balanced driver’s car.

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  • are those cloth seats in an m3 wtf

  • Don't tell me my comfort levels..lol

  • Wow you talk to much.

  • Buddy has one.. one hell of a car.

  • It's a heap of crap, where is the four wheel drive ? As soon as it rains all the Bosh electrics goes fut and stops working, ya car is parked up until ya call the tow wagon to take ya to the Dealer for a new ECU and a $1000 service before you drive it again, a nice summer toy but ya have to park it up for winter like all European Cars with Bosh Electronics they don't like getting wet and every auto electrician runs a mile when they see them

  • Jump to https://youtu.be/S6QlBbKmuI0?t=324 if you want to see where it's being driven. Cheers.

  • I put mine in Neutral and then into Park after I hit the start button every day…

  • Best looking M3 sedan ever made

  • Definitely leather wrapped steering holds its integrity. Alcantara doesn’t age well over the years.

  • Get the 6speed

  • Excellent review.

  • Maybe you should learn about double clutch first…

  • I drove it last night and it goes like wow. Real feel is 600 + HP.

  • “You get yourself a Toyota camry (about $20k) GOD NO DONT DO THAT! Get yourself a sports sedan like this one ($64k)”

    Horrible intro. Very few got money like that

  • Why do manufacturers insist on so many technological options, when all you want to do is drive and not play a video game. It's all just a waste of resources and it all complicates and obfuscates driving. All new cars don't have the build quality or materials quality of cars from 30 years ago.

  • PoopyPoopy

    Author Reply

    That marina blue tho

  • Because it’s not an automatic transmission goofy! It’s a Double clutch hence no torque converter.

  • M4 coupe all the way, not really a m3 fan, but its still a beautiful car

  • Very good and explicit review. Keep it up!

  • Nice review. You kind of look like Rusty from National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation… Mr. Papagiorgio

  • Vehicle response is much more enjoyable than horse power numbers in my opinion.

  • My dream car. Yes please

  • paint job is seductive

  • Best review of the 2017 M3. Very informative. Thank you

  • Two little misinformed points:

    The S55 engine twin turbos are parallel and not sequential. Each turbo is fed by the exhaust of three individual cylinders and cater to the entire RPM range.

    You don't have to leave it in "Drive" to have the M3 go into "Park". If you shut down the engine while the DCT is Neutral, you simply have to press the engine Off button twice.

  • I like the m3 in that colorful blue

  • Manual gearbox any day.

  • What color is this?

  • it is cool

  • $64k and no stick or v8. Forget about it.

  • no Park mode…..i dont believe it…..LMAO bmw…

  • Here’s another footnote 👉🏼 you can buy a 135i add a jb4 tune and match or beat this M3……FOR UNDER $10k……do the math my genius friends…😀 just say’n.

  • Wow. How negative can the comments be? All I hear is "too expensive" or "ugly."

  • All great except for $64,000 part. Looks like I will never be able to afford it.

  • #1 problem… a 4 door M car… LAME !
    #2 @3:43 the auto paddles are to small…. NO, M-CARS ARE MANUAL ! **

    ** seriously look at it. German's aren't known for over looking details. Notice how the auto-paddles complete obscure the wiper and turn indicator icons? IT'S BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE! There's a grown German designer somewhere crying himself to sleep because the accountants made an auto m-car and f'ed up his cockpit.

  • I had a Bmw . 2 nd owner I was.
    But too expensive and I had my windows broken so many times.
    Now I just have my Ford Focus.

  • How stupid. Why did they rename the M3 a sedan? My coupe is having an identity crisis.

  • daviddavid

    Author Reply

    Nice car, however, I'd get the RS5 when it arrives in a few months.