2014 Honda CRF250M Test Ride

Time for a test ride – Not the CRF250L that I’m interested in but its more road oriented brother the CRF250M – essentially the same bike but without knobbly tyres and a slightly smaller front wheel….

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I use the following equipment to record and edit my VLOGs:-
GoPro HD Hero 4 helmet camera
GoPro Session (4) “B” Camera
Nikon D7100 DSLR for static and video shots with various lenses
Lavalier microphone and sellotape for in helmet audio
BOYA BY-M1 3.5 mm Lavalier Microphone for in-garage pieces
Movo LV20 Dual Lavalier Clip-on Microphones for 2 person interviews
Power Director 8 for the PC (for video editing)
Radio mic for in garage audio
Rode VIDEOMICPRO On Camera Microphone for general use
Rode Deadcat VMPR Windshield to kill wind noise
Neewer CN 160 LED Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel Video Light
Goliton® Camera DSLR Triple Mount for LED Video Lights Microphones
A pair of Lantoo LED Floodlight 50W for additional lighting

My current motorcyles are:-
Honda CRF250L
Triumph Street Triple R
Ducati 899 Panigale

For any additional enquiries please send a PM or leave a comment below…

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  • No even joking i saw that is wet rainy i knew its english review hahahah

  • Hi Mate – love your videos! What made you pick the L rather than the M model? Im looking at these bikes, dont really want to go off road but would spend most time on small back roads. Guess either would be a blast?

  • nice video, does this bike fit someone who`s 6`1?

  • I just wish the 6th gear was ratioed more appropriately for riding on the highway

  • Hi TMF your regular viewer here. I am planning to get one of these but you were saying the bike is bit high, I have got similar height as your 5’8 so did you manage to put your both feet flat on the ground or just tippy toes?

  • 19901990

    Author Reply

    It would be more fun if it was a 350. I wish they'd do one, but 250 is a big class in Asian markets.

  • looks like a decent little bike, is that the back of farnborough airport i see or are my eyes deceiving me

  • Enjoyed; Cheers

  • Surely the the front brake hose position was an after thought.

  • what is top spead?

  • I wish Honda would bring this to the US already

  • Just got myself a brand new red CRF250M myself. Love it! I'm confirming the strange positioning of the horn in place of the indicator switch. I keep honking my horn instead of indicating so getting some angry looks from motorists 🙂 Otherwise very little to fault with this sweet little bike. Does what is supposed to, the engine feels pokey enough for a 250cc and feels very light and manageable. Did your CRF come with an owner's manual? Mine didn't

  • Hello, I'm looking for a new bike.
    Mine right now is the PCX 125.
    As I'm a Woman, I don't want a heavy bike.
    I have been looking and I realy like this one: the CRF 250M as I'm interest to be more on the road/stress.
    It's possible to ride with a passenger?

  • in power how would this bike compare to a wr250x?

  • Hi, what is size of your pneu pls?? thx…

  • I wish they had that version available when I got my crf-250l

  • B KB K

    Author Reply

    Really nice video. Thanks. Im looking to purchase a 2015 model soon. Im hoping there is an aftermarket pipe that may let it breath a bit more.

  • Great vids mite see you around I ride in the Berkshire Hampshire area been up to Wycombe area too ride safe

  • Hi – good to see another review for this bike. Owned one for a couple of months over the summer and loved it. Proper good fun for hooning around without having to travel at insane speed. Very light and manoeuvrable in traffic, uses almost no fuel and handles very nicely. Plus it's a Honda, has a 2 year warranty and 8000 mile service intervals. Downsides are the crappy OE tyres and skinny wheels – the limit of grip is quite low in the wet. I lost the front end on a damp roundabout at lowish speed and it was a unfortunately a write off – hence I 'owned' the bike. I miss it. PS I uploaded a couple of vids on the bike if anyone is interested in a bit more info.

  • Hi, I've recently got the crf250m about 4 weeks ago, I think it's a great fun bike, I know it's only a 250 but they do seem to get better with a few miles out on the clock, and for the roads in Cornwall it's enough to be honest.
    I've come down from a fazer 1000, but suffering with neck and spine problems over the past year I wanted something light I could move easier and something upright, this just suited me. I have fitted a full rs4 exhaust that has made a slight improvement over the standard exhaust, and saved about 50kg haha.

  • Hi TMF
    Also ride a GS and am looking for something to have a bit of fun on like yourself, I really do think that you're gonna be very disappointed with the 250L. Absolutely gutless and being used to 125bhp I think you'll be bored very quickly. I know it's a bike for completely different uses but you'll miss that bit of oomph I reckon

    Rode my mates crf450 the other week and bloody loved it, now looking for one a year or so old, very reasonably priced I think, especially when you're used to owning a GS

  • its leaking oil lol

  • Its funny how you described it as Bicycle like, I bought a new Vespa GTS300 recently as a 2nd machine just for fun, and that's exactly what I thought, after riding such heavy bikes for years, it was like riding a bicycle without having to pedal. Very nice looking Honda, you'll certainly have lots of fun on that should you choose it. Regards, Paul.

  • Looks nicely set-up. Pity about the weather, though. Are you mooting this as an addition to the stable or as a change of  direction for the second bike?

  • that brake line flapping about looks ridiculous, is it meant to be that long? looks nice otherwise.