2012 Honda NC700X vs. Kawasaki Versys

Does Honda’s new NC700X stand up in the face of an established and well-reviewed player like Kawasaki’s utility scoot? Is the Versys worth a $900 premium? Let’s find out.

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  • Cool, Paul Weller is (was) doing bike reviews

  • Hondas will always be more smooth, but more blah. Those Versys REALLY handle the twisties well, and do good on the highway. Just wish they would lower it 2-3".

  • Thanks for the comprehensive review! I am a new rider looking for a first bike and narrowed it down to them 2 bikes. I think I am going to go for the honda as a first bike second bike will be the Kawasaki Versys 900.
    Thanks a lot👍👍👍

  • Glad Iggy Pop found some time to get out on the road.

  • Kawasaki is the best

  • Basically if you want a bike that's a little more fun to ride & can be set up to be a bit more off road capable ( I think the Versys might have a bit more suspension travel, possibly adjustable suspension and more ground clearance) then get the Versys..
    If money is tight and you want better MPGs, more storage space & a bit less maintenance costs, I'd go with the NC700X 65 VS 45 MPG's although if commuting 250 miles to work each week that's only about $20 a month in gas you'd be saving….The biggest benefit of the NC700X is the extra storage space for a major vacation road trip.

  • I've been looking at both these bikes for a 'around town' ride because of their relatively low weight. O ride a Triumph Tiger for the same reason as it weighs but 475 pounds wet. My long distance motorcycle.

  • Looking forward to a 2019/2020 update video

  • I've had a NC700x for a couple years now and I have no intentions of selling it ever. That compartment would be hard to not have now.

  • I ride this bike it's great https://youtu.be/7AYltB89qWs

  • if you want to make music video's with bad taste music, please be honest and stop trying to disguisethem as motorcycle reviews

  • Late to the party, but one of the things that's always irritated me about middleweight motorcycles is how high you have to rev them just to cruise the hiway
    I might actually find this one preferable to the versys

    What I am curious about if anyone still watching this to reply who has one, in the review they say it basically has half of a Honda Fit engine
    Typically on automobile engines you don't have to do valve adjustments, is that also true of the nc700?

  • clear as mud

  • OK roll on the throttle, which was faster??

  • So, if I have a bag strapped onto the rear seat on the Honda, I must remove the bag to fill it up with gas??

  • J KJ K

    Author Reply

    NC = New Concept? Doubtful… There's nothing "New" to the "Concept" of canting the cylinders forward… Yamaha did it with the FZR600 from '89-'99. Yep… Even moved the fuel tank rearward over the trans, and put the air-box forward over the cylinders. Only new thing Honda did was put storage in between them… What a concept!! Of course, you'd have to be older than hair highlighting to remember this stuff.

    With that said, the NC700X is a good "all-round" machine that doesn't excel in any particular area except fuel economy. You won't be disappointed until you want more of a particular element, be it power, handling, touring, or adventure. Then you'll need to conceptualize what your next bike will be.

  • I had a vers and a nc700x..I kept the Nc700x and sold the versys.
    I don't regret it. Love that nc700x. Pulls like a tractor. Sure, it poops out at 6200 rpm…that's the type of engine it is…long stroke, small bore. Love the storage, shifts smoother that the versys did.

  • I've had the Versys. Travelled a lot of places on it – onroad, offroad etc. Suspension is not good, way too harsh over square edge bumps (front and rear, but mostly rear), brakes not that powerful and lack feel despite having two discs. It's more sporty and the engine has more HP, but that's about it. It's well build but all the low end components makes it feel cheap. NC 700 doesn't have that cheap feeling and beats the Versys in every aspect than HP and sportiness if u ask me. Had I tried the NC before I bought the Versys I would not have gotten it. Didn't keep the Versys for long because it lacked finesse which made it feel cheap and uninspiring to ride.

  • 670cc isnt exactly 700 🙂

  • it should be versys vs crossruner . nc700x its not same class as versys

  • I have a 2015 NC700x and I absolutely adore it. For commuting it's the best bike i've ever owned. Amazing fuel economy, convenient storage and plenty of power and braking ability. I can ride to work, hook my helmet to the side and store my jacket and gloves in the compartment, boom completely unburdened.

  • Wow I'm cool , i let my hair cover my wrinkles. Yuk.

  • honda has a huge ugly pipe, 1 front caliper and std fork. kawi muffler is hidden tight, has 3 caliper for better braking, and has inverted forks. Kawi's Totally worth it. Oh, and you can fuel up the versys without having to remove the luggage off the pillion seat…What a joke.

  • Yeah the choice is very clear you just don't want to say it the Kawasaki is way better and that Honda is a piece of junk

  • JoeJoe

    Author Reply

    They both do all the same stuff really well but one's faster and goes around corners quicker. There's not many bikes less cool or uglier than the Versys but the NC700 is one. Coming from someone who's buying a Versys.

  • at the risk of asking a question that makes me sounding like Dorothy from wizard of Oz. how practical would that storage compartment be for a smallish dog?

  • So, an ad blocker. Hm. An inappropriate ad, essentially charging watchers for freely available videos on a public venue, can be removed at additional charges. You guys at YouTube
    never cease to both amaze and disgust me.