10 Free to Play MMORPGs You Should Try In May, 2020!

⌖ 10 Free to Play MMORPGs You Should Try In May, 2020!


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⌖ “Stix, what’s a good free to play MMORPG?” It’s questions like this that make these monthly “top 10” videos such an integral part of the channel.
Every month I do a video titled “Free to play MMORPGs you should try in x month,” where I go on to list 10 games you may or may not have played in anticipation of satiating that thirst you have for something to kill the boredom you no doubt feel.
These videos essentially highlight less popular, sometimes obscure games that you guys may have overlooked at one point or another, or might not even know exist.
This is especially important right now with so many people stuck at home looking for something to do.
Each list will have 2 “big MMOs” and 8 “smaller,” more “obscure” games. So note that your favorite free MMO might not be included in this months list but might have been in last months or might end up in next months.
So, let’s take some time and spread not only some love, but also some activity around the genre a little bit, yeah?

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  • Guys I'm trying to find a Low poly graphics mmorpg and sandbox but I can't find one 🙁 can someone pls reccommend me one?

  • Im a veteran player of continent of the ninth, first of all I have to tell everyone that this game is extremely pay to win nowadays, the company (webzen) destroyed it by implementing huge p2w system.

    PvP doesnt exist anymore, it was sport-like pvp at the beginning everyone trained had fun to get better at the game, but one day a paytowin guy came, and onehitted you, then its time for you to leave the game, no point anymore.

    PvE is extremely low rewarding you get 0.0001% of what u need to progress , so nowadays it is not worth to play. But if a private server opens up… I hugely recommend playing this jewel of game.

  • I used to play wow before but recently around 3 months ago i made switch for ff14 didnt regret one bit

  • This Tera is steam?

  • how tera im from philippines

  • in terms of mmo rpg pvp i'm playing "return of reckoning" the best pvp ever!

  • I love Eden Eternal, wish I had friends to play it together. Tried to play with wife but 2 player is not enough for dungeons and you get your ass kicked.

  • Even with tweaker my pso2 won't work on PC… Feelsbadman

  • VV

    Author Reply

    ¿Pero que haces Kiko?

  • Unpopular opinion: should of listed wynncraft

  • as of 22 June 2020 this are the player counts according to google:

    tera has about 1.9 million players
    allos about 11k
    champions online about 50k
    kritika reebot about 3k
    secret world legends about 380k
    phantasy star online about 2.5 million
    perfect world about 21k
    c9: continent of the ninth about 1.6k
    blade & soul about 2.4 million
    eden eternal about 14k

    The ones with the most are Tera, Phantasy Star Online and Blade & Soul.

  • You told me you filmed 10 in 2010 i wouldn't have known./

  • Cool. Now can we get a NON-SHIT version of this same video? These games suck dragon cocks.

  • Who payed you to review THOSE Games ? Is it me only thinks this is most bull (crap) list ?

  • Warframe

  • My dude you look 10 years younger rn. Really good job for taking care of your health.

  • Champions Online started out with a subscription model, and only went free to play in 2011, fyi. It was definitely not always free.

  • CetoCeto

    Author Reply

    same list for 999 years smh, what has this genre come to

  • only waifu mmo, I'll stick to SWTOR for now.

  • "If ffxiv was an amime mmo" Isn't it already basically that?

  • "even with some players literally spending billons of dollars to become pvp Gods in that game…" WHAAAAAAATT??

  • What about Blessed Unleashed? Went live in March, great F2P MMO. Have yet to see you mention it.

  • Either weeby or look bad 🙂 lovely

  • dont try any "free to play" games, cos u will be dissapointed after the 2 week "oh thats cool" period, and once u realise how not "free" the game is. unless ur willing to spend ridiculous amounts of time, or are willing to actually spend money u will be set behind other players, and unable to be competitive in vast majority of those cashgrab "look at me im not costing anything" lies.
    go for one of those games that do have a cost to them. like guild wars 2 or final fantasy, and theres at least few others. they all offer free trial period, allowing u to decide if u like what ur buying. u will find more quality, better support, infinitely less toxic communities (actually friendly players (mindblowing)), and way, WAY more interesting content, thats not forcing u to grind the same shit on 7 toons each day just to be able to maybe one day have that endgame gear for 3 days before the next cashgrab patch comes out and u get laughed at by wallet warriors again.

  • Theres no free to play MMO

  • Why cant pso2 be for the ps4 or wii like it was for gamecube

  • Has anyone played 12 sky 2? And if so do y’all know if that game is still alive?

  • If only COH hadn't shut down. was the best and will always be the best superhero mmo

  • No lotro?!

  • Anyone who's still playing Blade N Soul?

  • wow these games are so bad try path of exile

  • Idk if you care but a beard would look so good on you

  • AgeAge

    Author Reply

    sick of asia mmos

  • just my opinion about mmo games ,
    it needs its own flare on pvp
    take a look back at 2009 game AIKA Online , the game was a heavy-pvp game and also a very farming-heavy game which made it very famous back in the days . with a large dedicated community which is probably still active today.
    tera has a really good potential to have a stable player base , but its just too boring.
    its only my opinion you can say what you wanna say if you think i am wrong.

  • i got banned like a month or 2 after getting the 2 year anniversary mount in PWI for asking if anyone played aion in world chat because i wanted to talk to somone who played lol

  • Me: Clicked On Top MMORPG

    Ad: MMORPG

    Me: It's Free Real Estate

  • I need something to stick time into

  • For me the best pvp based MMORPG was Lineage 2. None other MMO could give me the hype of pvp like lineage did. The only game that was actually fun and exciting in pvp was Tera.

  • 2020 games caption
    2009 games that you watched / played 2000 times before .. please get creative -_-

  • WoW 3.3.5Wotlk is Great or Pandaria. CATACLYSM just priv servers ale we re Good for free

  • Phantasy star online 2 is a JOKE!

  • FFS TIMESTAMPS !!!! Unsub

  • WillWill

    Author Reply

    You need to use more expression in your face

  • So you are telling us there is nothing to play lol.

  • RO is not free to play…. well, it is. But it is P2W/P2prog.

  • Does anyone know of any mmorpg from like early 2000's where you could teleport to locations by typing in the place? I know thats not much to go on but I cant remember the name of the game. I only played it once at a friends when I was little. Thanks for any help given in advance.

  • GUys PSO 2 is trash. I ahve played it. The combat system is very weird.